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Climbing Up a Cliff

Areas of Expertise


I work with individuals to address complaints like:
•    Being bleak, no longer enjoying life or having a direction
•    Study or work problems, performance anxiety
•    Problematic differences between yourself and family, work or culture. 
•    Existential and life-meaning questions
If your specific complaint is not listed, contact me.
I am not currently accepting health insurance.



I use a synergy of therapeutic approaches & techniques including but not limited to: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy (Short-term Psychodynamic Supportive Therapy), System Therapy, Schema and Emotionally Focused Therapy.


I work with individuals and teams on work-related problems like:

Conflicts at work                 Cross-Cultural issues

Post-merger integrations         Team Communication     


An individual coaching experience helps you understand your position in the larger context of your own patterns of thinking,


A team experience can be a good option for working out group dynamic issues in a supportive environment where colleagues can understand and integrate teammates’ perspectives and experiences. 


How does working with a therapist who has PhD research and involvement in Post-Merger Integrations (PMI) experience benefit you?


You get the best of both business and psychology worlds. The synergy of those skills enhance your coaching experience. I engage, educate, and empower individuals and teams to develop the skills they need to succeed. Sessions are tailored specifically to your organization’s needs.


The individual coaching process is generally 3 months. It consists of an initial 90min intake interview and 5 60-min follow-up sessions.

My Approach

My approach is integrative and tailored to your unique needs. Some experiences and discoveries happen in the presence of a professional, and supportive person. 


Following an antiracist, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ affirmative approach, I support clients along their journey.


Counseling and Coaching is performed in English to individuals (18+) including:
•    Students
•    Professionals
•    Work Teams
•    Organizations

All Hands In
My Approach
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